Explore the Han Caves: A captivating adventure near our Mercure hotel in Han-sur-Lesse

The Han Caves are a must-visit attraction located just a few steps from our Mercure hotel in Han-sur-Lesse. This exceptional natural setting, along with the wide range of activities offered, will provide you with unique and memorable memories.

Discover a fascinating underground world

During your visit, you will be amazed by unique geological formations, such as extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites, impressive galleries, and breathtaking underground chambers. This fascinating experience will allow you to delve into the heart of the Earth and uncover hidden wonders.

Activities for all tastes

In addition to exploring the caves, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy other nearby attractions, such as the sound and light show on the underground river or the wildlife park where you can observe many wild animals. For outdoor enthusiasts, kayaking or cycling excursions in the Lesse Valley are also available.

A friendly experience for everyone

Whether you are planning a family outing, a seminar with colleagues, or an activity with friends, the Han Caves offer an experience suitable for all profiles. Children will appreciate the playful and educational aspect of the visit, while adults can enjoy a day of relaxation and discovery.

Plan your visit to the Han Caves now

We invite you to plan your visit to the Han Caves during your stay at the Mercure hotel in Han-sur-Lesse. It’s a unique opportunity to discover this exceptional natural gem and have a memorable experience.

Feel free to contact us if you need more information. We will be delighted to help you organize your visit and answer all your questions.