Ardennes Wonder: Discovering the RAVeL from Spa to Stavelot on Line 44A

The RAVeL on Line 44A, connecting the charming towns of Spa to Stavelot, reveals itself as an enchanting experience in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. This slow lane offers more than just a cycling or walking route; it is an invitation to adventure within a preserved natural landscape.

A scenic stroll

Along this path, nature enthusiasts are rewarded with captivating panoramic views. The green expanses, lush forests, and meandering rivers create a picturesque backdrop, offering a changing spectacle with the seasons.

Heritage discovery

The RAVeL on Line 44A presents itself as an invitation to a journey far beyond a mere route. It is an immersive experience that unveils the treasures of Ardennes heritage, providing cyclists and hikers with the exceptional opportunity to explore iconic historical sites. Among them, the Abbey of Stavelot stands ready to reveal the mysteries and fascinating history that reside at the heart of these preserved places.

Friendliness and accessibility

This RAVeL embodies friendliness and accessibility. Whether you’re an experienced cyclist, a group of friends, or a family looking for an active getaway, Line 44A offers a flat and easy-to-follow route, often using former railway tracks for a hassle-free experience.

Active outdoor adventure

From leisure to physical exercise, this stretch of the RAVeL allows everyone to indulge in an active adventure in the heart of the Ardennes. Cycling or walking along this path means getting lost in natural beauty, breathing fresh air, and appreciating the simple pleasures of an outdoor escape.

A connection between two charming towns

The magical aspect of this RAVeL also lies in its ability to connect two gems of the Ardennes, Spa and Stavelot. A connection that transcends mere transportation to become an immersive experience, a way to fully savor the region and all it has to offer.

Exploring a RAVeL offers an immersive getaway into preserved natural landscapes while ensuring a safe and accessible cycling or hiking experience for all levels.