The Sfeermaker: The art of creating unique moments

Welcome to “De Sfeermaker”, an enchanting haven where the essence of nature blends with art and creativity. This Belgian family business, led by Norbert and Anne-Marie, offers a unique immersive experience that celebrates the magic of bees, the art of beeswax, and the infinite creativity of glasswork.

A fascinating world of beekeeping

Norbert, a passionate beekeeper, orchestrates an enchanted ballet of bees in his carefully chosen beehives. Beekeeping at “De Sfeermaker” goes beyond producing exquisite honey; it provides a sensory adventure. The beekeeping room becomes a sanctuary where local honey can be tasted, offering visitors a unique gustatory journey into the heart of nature.

Discover a wide range of hive products, from honey to skincare, incorporating ingredients such as pollen, royal jelly, propolis, bee venom, and pure beeswax used in various culinary and skincare creations.

The radiant art of beeswax

Anne-Marie, the creative soul behind “De Sfeermaker”, shapes pure beeswax into works of art. Scented candles and decorations evoke the warmth of the hive. Each creation bears witness to a love for nature. At “De Sfeermaker”, following the honey process, from the honeycomb to the jar, becomes a captivating visual and olfactory experience.

The infinite magic of blown glass

As a master glassblower, Norbert infuses an unmistakable artistic touch into the experience. In his workshop, each glass rod comes to life, transforming into playful animal figurines or elegant jewelry. Visitors can admire the creative process of blown glass, from delicate Christmas ornaments to molded figurines, providing a dive into the magic of glass.

Every element of the business reveals a world of wonders, a celebration of nature, craftsmanship, and artistic expression. Come and get lost in this sensory universe where creativity meets natural beauty!