Baliehof in Jabbeke: A Belgian cheese odyssey to share

Indulge in the excellence of Belgian cheese

Immerse yourself in the delicious world of the Baliehof Farm, an exceptional Belgian cheese company. The passionate Callemeyn family has transformed a simple dairy farm into a must-visit destination for cheese enthusiasts. Awarded three medals at the World Cheese Awards, their expertise is a national pride.

Why visit the Baliehof Dairy Farm?

Explore a palette of exquisite flavors, from award-winning cheese to creamy yogurts, velvety butter, and indulgent ice cream. Each Baliehof product is the result of a dairy tradition passed down with unwavering passion.

Delve into the captivating history of the beginning of this dairy adventure by discovering the art of artisanal butter-making. It all started here, respecting ancient methods, giving rise to a diversified range of dairy products of exceptional quality.

At the heart of this unique experience is the Callemeyn family, pioneers who followed their passion to create a flourishing business. Each family member plays a crucial role in this dairy adventure, bringing expertise and dedication to every stage of the process.

At Baliehof, the passion for cheese is a family legacy passed down from generation to generation. The Callemeyns are not just cheese producers but devoted artisans, eager to share their love for dairy delights with the world.

Every visit to the Baliehof Dairy Farm is an opportunity to dive into a rich history, taste exceptional dairy products and meet the family shaping them with love. It’s an immersive experience where every bite tells the story of a tradition perpetuated with passion. Whether you’re a cheese lover, a dairy enthusiast, or simply curious to explore behind the scenes, this experience promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

Explore the cheese-making process

Discover the cheese-making process, from milk transformation to aging. Learn why Baliehof cheese is unique.

Also, experience the farm market and directly purchase fresh products from the Baliehof Dairy Farm. Enjoy the chance to chat with the Callemeyn family and uncover the secrets behind each product.

Support local agriculture

By visiting the Baliehof Farm, you support a local business that has chosen to stay true to direct sales; an approach that promotes sustainability, quality, and direct interaction with producers.