Travel through the centuries by visiting the Basilica of Saint-Hubert

Just a 25-minute drive from the Mercure hotel in Han-sur-Lesse, the Basilica of Saint-Hubert, located in the eponymous town in the Walloon Region, reveals itself as an architectural gem offering an immersive dive into the evolution of styles over the centuries.

A breathtaking blend of styles

This Basilica, a living testimony of history, presents a condensed exploration of architectural evolution. Romanesque, Gothic, Gothic-Renaissance and Baroque elements blend harmoniously to form a majestic whole. Each stone tells a part of history, each vault evokes a bygone era.

A symphony of exceptional elements

Explore the hidden treasures of the Basilica, from the mysteries of its crypt to the elegance of its sanctuary. The “Treasure Screen” offers a unique glimpse of period craftsmanship. While the North and South towers reveal fascinating interiors, and the classical facade welcomes visitors with timeless elegance.

Captivating ornaments

In addition to its extraordinary spaces, the Basilica of Saint-Hubert captivates with its stunning ornaments. Finely carved stalls, variously shaped corbels, the charming triforium, and elegant stained glass windows create an artistic ambiance that transcends time. Every detail reveals the artistic and spiritual commitment that has shaped this exceptional place.

Recognized heritage

In 1996, the Basilica was officially recognized as an “Outstanding Heritage of Wallonia”, testifying to its historical and cultural value that transcends temporal borders.

A captivating journey through time and art

Whether you are a history enthusiast, an architecture lover, or simply seeking a unique cultural experience, the Basilica of Saint-Hubert promises a captivating journey through the ages, offering an exceptional testimony of Walloon heritage. Explore its history-laden corridors, contemplate its architectural treasures, and immerse yourself in an extraordinary artistic experience.