Klein Strand: The ultimate summer oasis, just steps away from our Ibis Budget Jabbeke Hotel

Located proximately to our comfortable haven, the Ibis Budget Jabbeke hotel, the Klein Strand stands as the perfect summer getaway. Immersed in an enchanting landscape, this place offers more than just a beach and a large lake. It is a complete destination where relaxation, sports, and entertainment merge to provide a memorable experience for every visitor.

Aquatic freshness and thrilling water slides

Dive into an exciting aquatic adventure with a refreshing swim in the lake, complemented by a complex of water slides. Every week, a dedicated team ensures water quality to guarantee an exceptional experience. The little ones can frolic safely in the dedicated paddling pool, adding a dimension of fun suitable for all ages.

Various sports and entertainment

For water sports enthusiasts, the water ski club offers captivating sessions. Speed enthusiasts can explore the surroundings by renting bikes or karts. The beach, an endless playground, hosts volleyball games, sandcastle constructions, and much more. Boules, paddleboats, and flyboarding add an exciting touch to this multifaceted getaway.

Convenient amenities and enriching events

At the Klein Strand, convenience and pleasure come together. Lockers are provided for visitors to safely store their personal belongings. Our Ibis Budget Jabbeke hotel, located at the beachfront, offers a privileged view of the facilities. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and enjoyment.

Family-friendly and welcoming destination

The Klein Strand is distinguished by its family-friendly and welcoming character. Children can immerse themselves in aquatic adventures and beach games, while groups of friends can enjoy sports activities and regularly organized special events. Everyone finds something to enjoy, making this destination a must-visit for families, groups of friends, and all summer relaxation enthusiasts.

In summary, the Klein Strand offers a complete escape where fresh air, diverse activities, and warm hospitality create an unforgettable experience.