The Bueren Mountain: An impressive historical and cultural monument

The Bueren Mountain, a true masterpiece of the 19th century, stands as an iconic work of art connecting the citadel barracks to the city center of Liège. Comprising 374 steps with a steep incline of 30%, this impressive staircase perpetuates the memory of the courageous Vincent de Bueren. Leading the Six Hundred Franchimontois, he was a fierce defender of Liège against the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold.

An intriguing history

The name of the mountain recalls a significant episode in Liège’s history: The failed attempt by the 600 Franchimontois, led by Vincent de Bueren and Gossuin de Streel, to capture Charles the Bold and Louis XI on the night of October 29, 1468. Although many Liégeois mistakenly believe that the 600 Franchimontois passed through this place, the mountain remains a witness to their bravery.

A zone of tranquility

Located near our hotel, the Radisson City Center in Liège, the Bueren Mountain not only offers an outdoor activity but also a discovery of local culture. We encourage visitors to contribute to the tranquility of this exceptional place.

Unique events and experiences

The Bueren Mountain is also a conducive venue for festivities and celebrations. Every year, on the first Saturday of October, during the Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle, the staircase is illuminated by thousands of candles, providing an enchanting spectacle. Also, since 2010, every two years in June, the event “Bueren en Fleurs” displays a floral fresco composed of 25,000 plants on the steps, adding a touch of color and beauty to the monument.

Sporting and cultural challenges

The Bueren Mountain is not only a historical site but also the stage for cultural and sporting events. In 2014, “L’Everest de Bueren” took place, an event where participants had to climb the 374 steps 132 times, simulating the ascent of Everest.

An impressive activity for all

The Bueren Mountain offers a captivating experience, whether in a group, with family, or solo. Exploring these remarkable stairs is an outdoor activity that combines history, culture, and breathtaking panoramic views. Come and explore this exceptional site, immersing yourself in the tumultuous history of Liège while enjoying an exciting outdoor activity.