Discover the authenticity of the past in Han-sur-Lesse: The Museum of the Peasant Life House

Welcome to Han-sur-Lesse, a place where the charm of the past comes to life at the Museum of the Peasant Life House. Just a few steps from our Mercure hotel in Han-sur-Lesse, this fascinating institution of over 1500m² will transport you to the heart of daily life from the last century.

Immerse yourself in history with an eclectic collection

Explore an impressive collection of 90 ancient trades, illustrated by a variety of tools and anvils from a bygone era. Over 200 lifelike mannequins from the 1900s will immerse you in the daily lives of artisans, blacksmiths, cobblers, and many other professions. It’s a true historical reenactment that evokes nostalgia and provides an authentic glimpse into life in the past.

Celebrate the heritage of the Ardennes

The museum also celebrates the draft horse, an iconic figure of the Ardennes. You will be greeted by automatons upon arrival, instantly immersing you in the atmosphere of the beautiful 1900s.

A captivating experience for all the senses

The visit is enriching both visually and educationally. You can discover a superb collection of paintings by regional artists, as well as a meticulously reconstructed setting and realistic sounds that will transport you on a captivating journey through time.

Proximity and authenticity

The Museum of the Peasant Life House in Han-sur-Lesse is more than just an exhibition; it’s an immersive experience that will delight history enthusiasts, the curious, and anyone who wants to discover the authentic soul of the region.

An enriching experience for everyone

The Museum of the Peasant Life House in Han-sur-Lesse offers an experience that transcends generations, making this immersion into the past an ideal activity for all. Younger visitors will be captivated by the recreated daily life with 1900s mannequins, while families can share moments of wonder and learning together. For history enthusiasts, each detailed exhibition and each ancient tool are windows into a bygone era.

The activity also lends itself perfectly to corporate events. It’s a perfect experience for team building, conferences, seminars, and more. The diversity of ancient trades on display provides an inspiring backdrop for creative thinking and collaboration. By exploring the local heritage together, teams can strengthen their bonds and cultivate a sense of teamwork.

Whether it’s a family outing, an educational day, a team-building event, or a seminar, the Museum of the Peasant Life House offers an unforgettable experience where everyone can find a personal connection with the region’s rich past.