The brewing essence of Brasserie C: An adventure of passion and flavors

Just a 15-minutes’ drive from our Radisson City Center hotel in Liège, the Brasserie C began its journey in 2012, founded by François and Renaud, two passionate agronomists. This bold duo transformed a simple garage into a brewing laboratory, giving birth to their iconic recipe, that of Curtius.

In 2013, rooted in the Saint-Léonard neighborhood, François and Renaud turned their passion into their profession, exploring brewing delights “on the job”. Curtius quickly conquered the tables of renowned names in Belgian and international gastronomy.

The following years were marked by growth and challenges. In 2014, the Brasserie C found its ideal home at the “Béguinage du Saint-Esprit”, a building dating back to 1611. The challenge of breathing new life into this historically rich structure was successfully met.

In 2019, the Brasserie C returned to its roots with the Fabrique C, its new production space in Saint-Léonard. This significant step made the company entirely independent.

A contemporary brewing heritage

Beyond producing exceptional beers, the Brasserie C has become a creative force, launching new ranges and inviting unique experiences. Brewery tours, workshops, and the brasserie-style restaurant are integral to this flavorful adventure.

Thus, the Brasserie C embodies not only a brewing history but also a passion to savor. Explore the craft of brewing, taste unique flavors, and join this community that shares the joy of creating and appreciating exceptional beers.